For the first time ever, Spain has been competing in RoboGames (Formerly known as ROBOlympics). Jesus and I have been representing Spain and SLU under the team name “RoboMadness”. Thanks to people like Bob Allen, Ted Larson, Tony, Simone and David Calkins, we have had an awesome weekend in Silicon Valley… Well, besides spending a great time there, we also got three medals with the three robots that we took with us.

Jesus y Angel

This is how we did in the contest:

  • BalanBot was the first robot getting a Silver medal for Spain. Thanks to his incredible driving skills, Jesus beat Bob and Ted, Gold medalists in 2009. So it is a great achievement for the first time competing there.
  • Escalador, in spite of all the technical problems that we ran into, gave us our second Silver medal. We are shutting for the gold medal in 2011 since our mechanical and electrical design was probably the best there. We just need more powerful batteries.
  • TupperBot finally won the Gold Medal being the “Best of Show” . I still dont really like the idea of competing with TupperBot, but it seems to always work. As most of you know, the last time I competed was 4 years ago… in 2006 I got the first prize at MadridBot, held in Colegio Antonio Machado (Madrid) competing in “Prueba Libre”, wich is basically the same free style category that we found in RoboGames. Thanks to MadridBot I started making more robots but I didn’t really compete in any other event. Now all that passion that has been growing in me for those 4 years has taken me to get a Gold Medal in the ROBOlympics, held in San Antonio, known as Silicon Valley, worlds capital of engineering and technology.

From now on, ROBOlympics is a Mandatory event in our agendas, so we will be there next year trying to get even more medals competing in even more categories.

Robot builders, please, keep making your amazing machines… keep imagining the present, keep designing the future.

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