Yes, I know… It’s been more than three years and life has changed quite a bit, but let me tell you about some things I’ve done along this time. In the next posts I will explain how to design, make and program a whole bunch of home devices for very little money and bringing all the pleasure of doing it all by yourself!


In each article I will explain in detail where to buy every component, how to make the required electronics and the key parts of all the required software. You are more than welcome to ask me any question and request any information that I might have left out :)

I Here are some of the upcoming articles:

  1. RGB Led strips controlled via WiFi – 25.7€
  2. OpenHab Server to control all your devices
  3. UV-Exposure box. Make your own Circuit Boards! – 35€
  4. Temperature and Humidity WiFi sensors – 5€
  5. Hamster workout statistics device – 5€
  6. 100% DIY Thermostat – 22€
  7. WiFi enabled dehumidifier – 4€ + dehumidifier
  8. WiFi enabled wall switch – 6€

Along this series of posts, you will see how technology has evolved in just few months, going from the expensive USR-WIFI232 (11€) to the amazing ESP8266 (2€), but you will also see how my designs have evolved based on the lessons I’ve learnt on this little home automation adventure.

Is there any specific device that you would like to hack or build? Leave me a comment here or text me on twitter @mifulapirus.

I will do my best to keep up the English version, but knowing that we are lacking of this kind of content in my mother tongue, I will write all articles first in Spanish here and will be translating them on this blog as soon as possible.

Stay tuned!

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