Another very productive night!

Here is an RFID project I started tonight. This is still very simple, but I made it just to start playing with this technology.

As you can see on the video, I used an Skypic, to read the information coming from the RFID reader. I just made a custom board to hold the electronics of the cheap RFID reader and bought six different RFID tags.


The RFID reader uses the antenna to read the passive tag and sends the ID information and some other data through its UART. After that, the Skypic filters the Tag ID, and sends it to the computer using a standard header that I always use. On the computer, I made a little program that listens to the Skypic, and looks for the Tag ID on a Database. If the Tag ID exists on the Database it loads all the information about the tag (i.e. picture and final numbers).


Shortly I will start playing with this interesting technology and hopefully I will develop something a little more complex than this :)

2 Responses to “RFID reader. First Project”
  1. hello mif, i successfully did tht chronos acc bot with your referenece.
    by chance i happened to work with the rfid, and i was stuck up on ” how to compare the recieved RFID data with the database ”
    i brought in a database into the database explorer and datasources..

    need to know the available commands to perform the search, compare, display functions.
    dude help me out!

  2. done with this! and for the ppl with the same que is “youtube”.

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