Finally I made something cool with my new “Toy” tonight.

I took the Chronos ez430, create a new menu to not modify its firmware, made a program in Visual Studio, debugged a little bit the communication systems on my Robot… and voilà!

On my previous post I gave the code to make the Chronos ez430 talk to your computer using Visual Studio, so all I’ve done is get that same program, transform all the ugly raw data and convert it into nice values for my robot (an RC car with some sensors, a radio and two SkyPics)

Here is a picture of how the software looks like now:

Untitled-4  Once that was done, I started playing a little bit with my old and unstable communications system on my new robot and I made it work in a very efficient and stable way, so it is still not too easy to control, but at least it’s possible!

This is the robot running indoors (e.g. crashing against walls):

The software for this project is not very clean since I made all this in four hors more or less, but if you want to do something like this, and need help or code, just leave me a comment or send me an email.

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  1. Is it possible to move your hand left and right horizontally to make the car turn left and right?

  2. Hi, im afraid that is not possible, or at least not trivial with the embedded electronics of this device. You would need some extra sensors to do so.

  3. Hello,

    Amazing project, I have a few questions.

    How your car receives the signal from the Chronos usb transmitter ?

    Why you used skypics ? I live in USA, and look to me that skypic is from Spain. Any arduino would do the job, or any other pic microcontroller ?

    I really want to do this project, where can I contact you ? I looked for your e-mail, but didn’t find.

    Thanks. :)

  4. Mihir Dani says:

    Can ytou please sendme the circuit diagram of the hardware used in the toy car as well as the source code for the software used on both the ends of the communication link.
    did u use simplicity ?

  5. Hi,

    Amazing, congratulations!

    I am using a MSP430 f2618 and I want to comunicate with it through USB and Visual Basic. Could you please give me some guidelines about how can I carry out this?


  6. Could you send me the source code for the Chronos ez430 + .NET + Robotic RC car? We want to try it on the Chronos ez430 we are using here. Thanks.

  7. Hello, Good job!! Can I have the code?? I’m also working on a project like yours!! My e-mail it’s ivan_bng@hotmail.com


  8. Wow, so cool! I just bought EZ430 Chronos, but it hasn’t arrived yet. What you’re doing is what I’m interested in as well. I plan to use Fez Panda II with USB Host hack using two 15K resistors. I don’t know if I can talk to the wireless USB of the EZ430 yet. Did you use it or some other wireless receiver? Also, you converted a RC car into your robot? Does yours come with servo already? Thanks!

  9. what is a SkyPic?

  10. Hello Max,

    Thank you for your words :)

    The car talks to the computer where I have the USB receiver for the Chronos and a radio for the car.

    You can indeed use any microcontroller you like. I use Skypic just because I am used to it and it gives me the power I need to create projects from scratch. I don’t like using libraries from others just because I do this for sake of learning, so I do not mind struggling with my own libraries.

    Please contact me on my email if you need anything else: angel@tupperbot.com

    Good luck in your projects!

  11. Hello Mif,
    First of all, I render my heartiest gratitude for your work which is un-parallel in all respect as far as I found in the net till date. Really it is excellent and easiest to grasp. Now, may I request you to be kind enough to advice on the following points ?
    1. How could i interface chronos wirelessly, directly with a microcontroller (Atmega / LPC2148 or any other, ) without intervention of PC?
    2. How & where can I get full documentation of eZ430_Chronos_Net.dll (In your project the functions used to get acc data only…. but how to get temperature / altitude data?)
    3. May u share codes for your gr8 robot ?


  12. Hello ! Help me please
    I need is source code
    I’m confused about convert to speed.
    speed : -2 ?
    Direction: -49 ?

    I can do 0-255
    Thank you so much

  13. i want to sent a word (text) to ez430 using wireless cc1101. with vb.net application while button clicked..it should display on watch…whereas different button different text to be sent and display…word u help in code plz

  14. Mollerberndt says:

    I wish to get back the information passed on by the EZ430.
    Have you a .exe which can make him?

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