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Finally I made something cool with my new “Toy” tonight.

I took the Chronos ez430, create a new menu to not modify its firmware, made a program in Visual Studio, debugged a little bit the communication systems on my Robot… and voilà!

On my previous post I gave the code to make the Chronos ez430 talk to your computer using Visual Studio, so all I’ve done is get that same program, transform all the ugly raw data and convert it into nice values for my robot (an RC car with some sensors, a radio and two SkyPics)

Here is a picture of how the software looks like now:

Untitled-4  Once that was done, I started playing a little bit with my old and unstable communications system on my new robot and I made it work in a very efficient and stable way, so it is still not too easy to control, but at least it’s possible!

This is the robot running indoors (e.g. crashing against walls):

The software for this project is not very clean since I made all this in four hors more or less, but if you want to do something like this, and need help or code, just leave me a comment or send me an email.

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